July 2019 - Newsletter


While everyone in Europe is experiencing high temperatures La Gomera is enjoying a mild summer. It’s even good for walking. My son James and I have walked one lap of the GR132 from San Sebastian to Playa Santiago, Tecina -20km. For any new subscribers I will explain: the GR132 is a long distance walking route here in La Gomera. It’s part of the extensive GR footpath a network of paths, tracks and trails which litter the island making it so perfect for walking. It’s a well marked loop with a starting point in San Sebastian de La Gomera, the island’s capital city. GR 132 is about 120-130  kilometres long, depending on the trail’s variation. If you would like more information on this or any other trail please contact us at contact us.

I would like to inform everyone that we are going to merge our two webpages www.gomerawalking.com and www.gomeracycling.com together. So if you open our webpage and it looks different - it is still us.....!

Even though our season doesn’t start until November- don’t let it stop you from coming to La Gomera  at any other time of the year. We can provide you with guided one day walks, accommodation and transport services. Email us for a quote.

This season all our holidays will run from Wednesday to Wednesday. When booking flights you will need to arrive at Tenerife South Airport (TFS) before 12.30 PM in order to connect with our standard transfers which are included in our packages.

Check out our Premium Package: based in the luxury 4-star Hotel Jardin Tecina for €1169 per person sharing. This includes fast ferry, transfers and 5 days superb guided walking with transport to and from the beginning/end of each walk. Our standard accommodation is B&B which enables you to have dinner at any of the local restaurants which are inexpensive ( €25- €30 including wine) and extremely good.   Simply select  this option on our booking form. With this package we have a group discount of 10% on groups of more than 11 persons. Each member can save up to €117. 

Our Popular Package at €869 provides self catering accommodation in the Bellavista apartments where you will be looked after by Elena and Liz who have been doing a great job for us over the past few years.

The Santa Ana self catering apartments with spectacular sea views overlooking Playa Santiago are another option. Here the swimming pool is an attractive extra to look forward to after a long walk. These apartments are available at an additional €70 per person per week sharing. Details on our website.

Complimentary Welcome Dinner: throughout the last few seasons we have invited all our clients to a complimentary dinner and drinks in La Cuevita ( a local restaurant) on arrival night. We find this a perfect and pleasant way to get to know each other and to give us a chance to answer any questions you may have about the programme for the week ahead.

The celebration of La Virgen del Carmen- the patron saint of fishermen is taking place in Playa Santiago this weekend. Traditionally a flower-strewn effigy of the virgin is carried through the streets by a group of local fishermen. When they reach the sea they are met by a flotilla of illuminated and decorated boats all sounding their horns. After prayers are said for all those at sea the statue is taken around the harbour on a boat as fireworks and bands accompany her journey. The virgin, according to the legend, is responsible for keeping the waters around the shore clean and safe. Many devotees used to refuse to swim until after her feast day on July 16!!!!

I hope you all have a great summer and that your plans for next autumn/winter include a visit to La Gomera. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help with any information.

Best Wishes
Jesús and René


January 2019 Newsletter

We couldn´t started 2019 on a better way - 3 great groups of walkers and we still have 8 groups to arrive.


Personally this is our favourite time in La Gomera...it is the height of spring and the new growth and colours of the mountain flowers are truly magnificent.  We are very fortunate with the weather this year and have blue skies and sunshine and can enjoy daylight until 19:00.

If you didn´t  make any plans yet to escape the cold dark winter at home.  Good news we have a special offer on two weeks:

27 March 2019 - 3 April 2019

24 April 2019 - 01 May 2019

6% discount that give you a safing of 100€ on both packages.

 for the rest of the weeks  we have limited availability as follows:-

6-13 March.....3 places in our Premium Package.

13-20 March.....7 places available which can be either Premium or Popular

10-17 April 9…..6 places available Premium & Popular.

To book use our on-line form here....but please check with me for update on availability before arranging flights.

Don't forget that if you can't find suitable flights on a Wednesday (you need to arrive by 12:30 PM to avail of our transfers) then a good alternative is to fly in on Tuesday and stay over in Diamond Resorts where we can offer special price of €70 for a one bedroom self-catering apartment. Diamond Resorts drop their prices, April anMay will only cost you 55€ to overnight.  These are spacious, well equipped and we can pick you up there on Wednesday morning at no extra cost to join the rest of the group for onward transfer to La Gomera.

On a different subject The IV World Congress ITLA - Terrazas de Terrazas y Bancales, to be held in March 2019,in La Gomera.  It is an international event that will involve the meeting of local populations, heirs of peasant cultures (agricultural owners, farmers, agricultural technicians, development technicians local, agribusiness entrepreneurs, etc ...) with professionals and scientists from many disciplines (architects, geographers, agronomists, economists, anthropologists, etc ...) and places in the world. It is intended to make a diagnosis of the conservation states and the realization of proposals and actions for the development of the territories of terraces of the world, as a clear bet for its future.La Gomera is waiting for you.

Best Wishes
Jesús and René


September 2018 - Newsletter



The summer is over and the evenings are rapidly drawing in! Time to think seriously about plans for a visit to La Gomera and our new winter walking season which will open on 14th November.....two months away.

There are more than 65 hiking trails on La Gomera. We select 5 of these in order to provide each group with a full north, south, east and west experience of the island. The ferry service operating from San Sebastián to Valle Gran Rey via Playa Santiago and back, which we are able to utilise on some of our walks, gives you the additional opportunity to experience the fabulous southern coastline from the sea.

If you find yourself in La Gomera in a period out of our scheduled walking period you can  join us for "Day Walking" or pass by our shop in Playa Santiago for more advice. We have a weekly walking schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which are our fixed walks, the rest of the week we do customised walks depending on preferences and levels. We charge €40 per person per day, this includes any transport required to get you to and from the start/finish of the walk and an experienced guide to lead you. You need to be based in Playa Santiago to take advantage of this arrangement. Contact us for further details ...webpage.

Our holidays run from Wednesday to Wednesday mainly to take advantage of low cost flights which are usually available mid week. However we get lots of enquiries from those who can't find suitable flights arriving at Tenerife South Airport ( TFS) in time for our transfers on a Wednesday. In these cases we recommend arriving a day or two earlier and staying in Tenerife. We have an arrangement  with Diamond Resorts, based in Tenerife, who can offer spacious and well appointed self catering accommodation for around €70 per apartment per night. We usually recommend staying at Sunset View Club which is located in San Miguel a fairly quiet resort less than 15 minutes, by taxi, from the airport. Shops and restaurants are conveniently located just across the road. If you choose this option we can pick you up there on Wednesday morning, at no additional cost, to join the rest of our group. Diamond Resorts also have other properties, including some in Adeje, that we can quote competitive prices for if you prefer. For this option you would need to make your own way to the port at Los Cristianos, a short taxi ride away, to meet the group for the ferry transfer to La Gomera.

This year we are celebrating the very special festival of Lustrales which occurs every five years.  La Gomera prepares to welcome with open arms the patron saint of the island, the Virgin of Guadalupe. The brilliantly colourful and religious celebration lasts throughout October to December. La Gomera  celebrates its proud history through its inhabitants who believe that to be a Gomero is to be part of one big family and that every five years all the children of Gomera are called back to celebrate the beauty of this small island. 

Enjoy reading this great article in the Irish Times. Come and experience the heartbeat of La Gomera this winter.

Best Wishes
Jesús and René


August 2018 - Newsletter



 August has arrived (almost gone) with beautiful warm temperatures. We would  like to remind you that  our 2018/19 season begins on 14 November which is  barely four months away. In order to secure your preferred dates and accommodation we strongly recommend that you book soon. You can book on-line by clicking here...
 Self guiding- if you are an experienced and keen walker and are not prepared to wait until our season begins in November why not try one of our self guided walking holidays? You can start your holiday on which ever day suits you. We can take the hard work out of organising everything for you, accommodation, ferry tickets, transport and we can provide you with route directions. This option is perfect for those of you who like to explore on your  own with the added advantage of our local knowledge enabling you to get straight to the best walks for you. Our self guided walking holidays are based on accommodation in Playa Santiago and all transport to and from walks will be provided. Accommodation ranges from Hotel Jardin Tecina or if you prefer in our local self catering apartments. If you feel more adventurous you can do the GR132 walk around La Gomera 120km.  Please contact us for more information or quotes.
If you are not a walker but would like to accompany your partner or friend on one of our walking holidays please contact us for a quote that will exclude the walking.
Activities available in Playa Santiago:
Tecina Golf- Hotel Jardin Tecina ( high season winter )
Tennis- Hotel Jardin Tecina
Diving- Splash Gomera, Playa Santiago
Cycling- Gomera Cycling, Playa Santiago
If you would like advice or need assistance regarding any of the above we are more than happy to help.
 The Canary Islands are now promoting birdwatching tourism as a complementary activity for tourists visiting the archipelago. According to the most recent studies there are about 90 species of bird nesting throughout the Canary Islands  including 12 new species. This number makes it the richest avifauna of all the Macaronesian archipelagos highlighting its large number  of endemic and migrant species. So if you are interested in birdwatching and would like more information please //This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./" target="_blank">contact us. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer that is left and remember La Gomera awaiting for your visit!

Best Wishes
Jesús and René


July 2018 Newsletter


The summer kick off with high temperatures that put everyone in the mood to spend time outside.  Gomera Walking also started good with the new season, two weeks is booked out already.  The good news is that there is still some availability for the remaining 10 weeks of 2018/2019. We advise booking early to be sure of getting your preferred dates and accommodation.

To remind all our new members that all our holidays runs from Wednesday to Wednesday and ideally you will want to find flights which get you to Tenerife

So what happens if you can't find a suitable flight on a Wednesday.....don't worry you have other options. Many of our clients who have the flexibility, elect to fly in a day or two earlier to Tenerife and join our group on Wednesday for onward transfer to La Gomera. We can provide very good and reasonably priced (normally from €70 per night)  self-catering 1 x bedroom apartment which comfortably sleeps 2 or 4 with Diamond Resorts close to the airport and pick you up there to join the rest of the group on the Wednesday.nerife South Airport (TFS) before 12:30 PM on the Wednesday of your choice in order to avail of our standerd transfers w

hich are all included in the package costs.

Regarding flights there are many options nowadays with low cost operators like Ryanair, Easyjet, Fly Thomas Cook, Aer Lingus and Thompson have flights from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock, Belfast, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Stansted into Tenerife South Airport on a regular basis.  A good way to view your options is usingSkyscanner where you can put in your airport choices and preferred dates and then let Skyscanner do the hard work of comparing all the available options with prices and flight times. There is even an option to show the whole month so you can see how prices vary by date.  If you have flexibility to come in a few days earlier you can get these even lower.

Check out our Premium Package, based in the luxury 4-star Hotel Jardin Tecina for €1169 per person sharing, including fast ferry, transfers and 5 days superb guided walking with transport to and from the beginning/end of each walk. Our standard accommodation is B&B which allows you to go out for dinner to any of the lovely little local restaurants which are all reasonably good and relatively inexpensive (~ €25 - €30 including wine). However if you feel like a night in the hotel then you can purchase dinner in the buffet restaurant for around €22.50 or indeed if you want to upgrade to half-board and eat in the hotel every night you can do so for an additional payment of 98€  (just select this option our booking form).  With this package we have a Group discount of 10%  given to groups more then 11 persons.  Every member in the group can safe up to 117€.


For our Popular Package  at €869, we continue to use the delightful self-catering apartments in Bellavista where you will be looked after by Elena and Liz who did su

ch a great job for us in the past few years.  

Complimentary Welcome Dinner: The last few seasons we invite all our clients for a complimentary dinner and drinks in a local restaurant La Cuevita at arrival night what was a perfect and pleasant why to get to know each other and allow us to answer any questions you may have on the program for the week ahead. We plan to continue with this also for 2018-2019 season.The Santa Ana  which are wooden self-catering apartments with spectacular sea views over Playa Santiago are also an other option.  The swimming pool is an extra plus that you can enjoy after a long day walk. These apartments are available at an extra cost of 70€ per person per week sharing.  (details on our website)



Virgen del Carmen - the celebration of the fishermen´s saint are taking place in Playa Santiago this weekend.  The Día de la Virgen del Carmen traditions involve parading through the town, making its way to the sea front.  A flower-strewn effigy of the Virgin is carried through the streets by a group of the local fishermen. When they reach the sea, they are met by a flotilla of illuminated and decorated boats, all soun

 boat, around the local harbour as the fireworks and bands accompany her journey.  The Virgin, according to the legend, is responsible for keeping the waters around the shore clean and safe; many devotees used to refuse to swim until after July 16th!ding their horns. After prayers are made for all those at sea, the statue is then customarily taken on a

Hope everyone has a great summer and that your plans for next autumn/winter will include a trip to La Gomera. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help with any information.

Jesús & René


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